05/28/2017, 09:07

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08/18/2011, 14:31

"Jerry, you have made my week. I am so very grateful to you, I sent similar emails to many stores and was unable to find any available, or even get a response. Thank you so very much for your assistance. Should I need any similar electronic items in the future I will be sure to remember your website.

I hope you have a really great day, because you sure made mine!"


08/06/2011, 01:29

"This company is great. I've bought several keyboards from them over the years and they are very helpful. Orders arrive extremely fast. "


06/18/2011, 22:17

"ErgoGeek is outstanding, I wish they sold more goodies :) ErgoGeek ships via UPS, instead of the absolutely positively worthless United States Postal Service.

XArmor U9 Cherry MX Brown mechanical keyboard is superb, a quality build, and dream to use! It reminds me of the keyboards I used eons ago. Manufacturers began to cut corners, resulting in inferior keyboards...super cheap stuff for the masses, stuff which can break in a matter of months, or weeks...precisely why I researched mechanical keyboards.



05/12/2011, 17:55

"Shipped same day, arrived several days before the rest of the stuff direct from Amazon. Well packed, item exactly as described, great seller. "


05/06/2011, 19:11

"Jerry was very informative in answering questions about the keyboard. I rate this seller as extremely helpful."


05/03/2011, 02:52

"Top notch product with top notch service. thanks "


04/24/2011, 18:35

"Great price. Arrived on time and in perfect condition. Nice packaging. Great product. Good Job! Very satisfied. Would definitely buy from ergogeek again. "


04/23/2011, 02:36

"Not only did I get a great price on my Xarmor U9BL, but it arrived more than a week before I expected it, in perfect condition and packed with care. Wow! Great board, and from this experience, great seller."


04/11/2011, 17:38

"I received the same keyboard, but without the scroll bar on the left side. The keyboard was easy to set up and works great. I'm not returning. The scroll feature was not that big of a deal to me anyway. "

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