04/23/2011, 02:36

"Not only did I get a great price on my Xarmor U9BL, but it arrived more than a week before I expected it, in perfect condition and packed with care. Wow! Great board, and from this experience, great seller."


04/11/2011, 17:38

"I received the same keyboard, but without the scroll bar on the left side. The keyboard was easy to set up and works great. I'm not returning. The scroll feature was not that big of a deal to me anyway. "


04/02/2011, 12:20

"I got exactly what I ordered in perfect condition. Shipping was very fast, it took no more than two and a half weeks from shipping to delivering it at my house in The Netherlands. The only thing you should keep in mind are the Dutch taxes if you're shipping it to Holland, I had to pay like 25% tax but ErgoGeek has nothing to do with that. "


03/21/2011, 13:17

"Excellent Service, I did talk with them to confirm shipment. Great keyboard, great Value! Thanks ErgoGeek. "


02/18/2011, 21:26

"Keyboard was as advertised and fits my needs very well. UPS did their usual lousy shipping job including taking 9 days to deliver! Even the tortoise was faster than that. "


01/15/2011, 03:19

"The wireless keyboard and mouse worked fine for about an hour, then stopped working. After troubleshooting the problem via email with ErgoGeek customer service, they concluded (as I did) the problem was in the USB piece. They promptly sent me a new one and now it works fine. Sometimes products just won't work...that's life. But I applaud their customer service in quickly resolving my problem.


10/29/2010, 15:47

"Seller sent item same or next day I made order! And Item received in a very good condition exactly what I ordered. But the UPS made the parcel additional trip around States. It happend second time for me - after checking in Canada - Windsor my parcel been sent to Chicago (previous time - to LA), then slowly back to Windsor and further to Toronto."


08/30/2010, 22:25

"Not winning any speed awards for shipping but arrived within stated interval. Product itself is underwhelming but not a reflection on seller. "


06/05/2010, 08:23

"Great Job JERRY CHEN .....I had a problem with a keyboard,sent it back for a replacement, and he replaced my keyboard with a more expensive one, PLUS.. they paid the postage. I WILL DEFINATELY BUY FROM ERGOGEEKS IN THE FUTURE, NEAR FUTURE. Treat the people right, and you will have Satisfied Customers like me returning to buy.

Salvador Suarez "


03/22/2010, 21:55

"Although I returned the product because it wasn't what I was hoping for, the service I received from ErgoGeek was wonderful. I wouldn't hesitate to do business with them again. "

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