12/17/2009, 18:13

"I would like to say how professional you are. You anwered all of my questions quicky. You were very patient with me. I love the product that I ordered from you. I am extremely satified with the product and your service. It is exactly what I wanted. The product was easy to use to. Ergogeek.com is awesome.

Merry Christmas


09/16/2009, 06:31

"Had a problem with the original keyboard and I was promptly cared by Jerry Chen who helped me get another board, only had to pay for an upgrade to that keyboard and the postage as I sent the original bad board. Will use them again."


05/24/2009, 21:47

"Sellers cannot excel anymore than they are, they are what makes for a perfect transaction in every way. Start to finish, I MUST give these outstanding Sellers Highest Accolades! Knowledgeable, patient and Zippy Trackball Keyboard is outstanding as well. Shipped on Friday (day I ordered) and arrived Monday. Would not hesitate to buy again and again from ErgoGeek. Thanks Much, Mistress Reba~ "


04/14/2009, 16:05

"My new keyboard arrived recently and I LOVE IT!!! Combines all the best features of the last 2 I purchased from you. The touchpad mouse on the right side is wonderful. Thank you so much for your help in finding the perfect keyboard for my work in medical transcription."


02/03/2009, 00:03

"I would like to say thank you for your excellent customer service that you've provided. no doubt i will shop at ergogeek.com again. keep up the good work! - Gil-"


12/12/2008, 13:38

"The Zippy wireless keyboard is great and exactly what I needed. It works perfectly and arrival and packaging was excellent. I would be happy to do business with ErgoGeek again. Also this keyboard is perfect for a person that uses their lap to type and needs a mouse. After dropping and breaking 5 optical mice, this keyboard is PERFECT!!!!!" "


08/21/2008, 04:09

"great seller plus they put tracking on their shipping email. I'm using the wireless keyboard to leave this msg. good stuff !"


07/11/2008, 02:35

"the keyboard is wonderful, is comfortable, light and versatile, you have to reach all the keys and mouse in a single device. excellent seller, fast shipping and insurance."

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