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iOne Scorpius 32 mechanical numeric keypad PS/2 - USB 

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iOne scorpius 32 keys Mechanical Numeric Pad is a unique product in terms of input... Especially for data entry personnel, this standalone PS/2 with AT input device for numerical entry can be angled, tilted, and adjusted to an acceptable level of comfort to help alleviate or prevent RSI / carpal tunnel syndrome. And for all you "lefties" out there, here is your chance to get left-handed (or rather, ambidextrous) data input device that will keep you from hunching to the side over your traditional keyboard while spending long hours working on those spreadsheets, data entry applications, or processing accounts...

Product Feature:
Extra function keys built-in
Black color
High Quality Cherry MX blue Mechanical key switch with tactile click sound and touch feeling
PS/2 and USB connector
Great for POS, financial industry
Operates as a small stand alone keyboard
Reduces space requirement

Switch : 50,000,000 life cycles

System requirements:
IBM or compatible PC
Windows 10/ XP / Vista / 

Package contains:
Scorpius 32 keypad
USB adapter cable

Keypad Dimension:
Keypad: 6.5"(L) x 6.75"(w) x 1.5"(H) inch