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iOne Scorpius 95T Ergonomic keyboard with built in touchpad mouse USB 

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introducing the ione scorpius 95T Ergonomic keyboard with built in touchpad mouse. For yours our customers have asked us for a keyboard with touchpad located between the 10 key and the alpha numeric keys. With this scorpius 95T, you will get the benefit of a standard keyboard while limiting the shoulder and back pain that can result from constantly reaching for a mouse.

Body postures determine which joints and muscles are used in an activity, as well as the amount of force exerted. Poor postures place unusual or excessive forces on components of the body. The number one problem with pointing devices has always been location. In the best of circumstances, pointing devices are placed just to the right of the keyboard, but at worst, they are placed on side surfaces or on the surface in front of the user because there isn't room on the keyboard tray.

With this ione scorpius 95T touchpad keyboard, this 3 in 1 solution for maximum comfort. A keyboard, A touchpad mouse and a detachable wrist pad support reducing tension in shoulders, arms and wrists.

Product Feature:
built in touchpad with 2 standard mouse buttons for pointing device
Detachable Wrist Pad
Membrane tactile quiet soft key
USB interface
Switch : 1,000,000 life cycles

- 100-key extended keyboard US layout
- Windows Keys included.
- Plug and Play. no driver needed for standard keyboard and mouse functionality
- LED indicators for Num Lock, Caps Lock and Scroll Lock
- USB Connection
- FCC Class B approved and CE approved

Keyboard: 18.75"(L) x 7.50"(w) x 1.5"(H) inch

System Requirements:
IBM, Pentinum, Pentinum II class compatible or higher
Windows XP / Vista / 7

Package Includes:
Ergonomic touchpad Keyboard
Detachable Wrist Pad
User Guide